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Citizen Metals Pvt Ltd is India's best-known manufacturer of bolts. We have a lot of bolts in stock that we can export and ship. We take orders from customers and make sure they get what they want. As the largest manufacturer of bigger diameter bolts and nuts in high tensile and stainless steel grades, we also make fasteners for major contractors and consultants working on projects in India's power and construction sectors. People in India make and sell bolts, and we are the best at both. We also have stainless steel Hex bolts, nuts, stud bolts, and other types of fasteners in stock, and we can get them for you.

At Citizen Metals, we have been meeting or exceeding our customers' expectations for more than 30 years. We now have thousands of customers in India and all over the world. As a company, we are happy to say that we have grown since our start, even though we have taken many steps to lead our company into the new era of technology and the needs of our clients. Citizen Metals Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of BOLT solutions, including Hex Bolt, Flange Bolt, U Bolt, Shoulder Bolt, Eye Bolt, 12 Point Flange Bolt, Stove Bolt, J Bolt, Anchor Bolt, T Bolt, Structural Bolt, Tension Indicating Bolt,.