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Citizen Metals Pvt. Ltd. produces bolts and other types of fasteners for various projects. Throughout the world, stainless steel and strong steel are utilised for a variety of purposes. Among other applications, we manufacture them for windmills, nuclear power plants, railroads, shipbuilding, and petrochemical projects.

Nuclear Power .

We make bolts and nuts and other parts for the Nuclear industry that have special coatings and protections, like those used in nuclear power plants. Stainless steel and alloy steel bolts and nuts are used a lot in the solar industry.


Tower .

We make bolts for windmills at Citizen Metals Pvt Ltd. Wind energy is the most popular and growing source of renewable energy in the world today. Windmills have been set up all over the world and in India to generate this form of energy.


Petrochemical .

Petrochemicals are the chemical products that can be made from petroleum after it has been refined. Some chemical compounds made from petroleum can also be made from coal or natural gas, or from renewable sources like maize, palm fruit, or sugar cane.


Railway .

The bolts and nuts used in modern metro rail projects around the world are also made by us. Besides making bolts and nuts for rail projects, we also sell bolts and nuts to modern metro rail projects in India and other places, like USA.


Solar Thermal Plant .

Stainless steel and alloy steel bolts and nuts are often utilised in the solar industry. They're commonly used untreated, but they're also utilised with different finishes like hot-dipped galvanised, PTFE, and geomet.


Water Pipelines .

As the need for water and resources grows in the Middle East, there is more focus on building modern water pipelines to distribute water in these areas. This includes Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Bahrain.


Ship Bulding .

In the shipbuilding industry, we make bolts that are made of the best materials and that are used all over the world. To make zinc-plated bolts and nuts, our company has the skills to help this industry all over the world. We can also make the best stainless steel bolts and nuts in the world.


Pump & Valves .

Bolts made out of stainless steel and alloy steel are used in all kinds of pumps and valves all over the world. In addition to making bolting for pumps and valves, Citizen Metals Pvt Ltd also makes and exports bolts that are used in a lot of different places, like water treatment lines, water pipes, and so on.


Waste Water Treatment .

People use wastewater treatment to get rid of things like bacteria, viruses, and parasites from wastewater or sewage and make it into something that can be put back into the water cycle with little harm to the environment, or used for different things.