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Weathering the Storm: High-Strength, Corrosion-Resistant Bolts for Shipbuilding


Every piece in the shipbuilding industry has to be solid and reliable, and none as much as the bolts that hold the structure tight. We at Citizen Fasteners realize that high-strength, corrosion-resistant bolts have a critical role in meeting performance requirements. In this context, our latest offerings in the said segment have proven to outshine all modern shipbuilding requirements, preparing the vessels to live up to the most hostile marine environment

High-strength Bolts for Shipbuilding

These are ships that are known to ply places with conditions of heavy loading, saltwater corrosion, intense storm events, etc. It is in such an environment that high-strength bolts, especially, come into play to provide the exposure needed by the integrity requirements of our vital parts. In light of this, the bolts face tremendous structural loading that must be shouldered with essential parts of the ship, including the hulls, decking, and bulkheads, and even under extreme stress

What Makes Bolts Corrosion Resistant

Word of advice: Marine service bolts must be made of anti-corrosive material since water is always a factor. Such bolts are those performed under technologically advanced coatings using high-quality materials that do not corrode and, of course, stainless steel or coated alloy. Our corrosion-resistant bolts are not only able to resist corrosive impacts from saltwater. Still, they are also able to resist destructive impacts from pollutants and other chemicals often found in marine environments

The Citizen Fasteners and Shipbuilding Technology Revolution

At Citizen Fasteners, we use state-of-the-art technologies and the strictest tests to develop bolts that set unparalleled standards of durability and reliability. Allowing significant advancements in onboard safety and longevity, our innovative high-strength bolts are predominantly used, which are also corrosion-resistant. We are at the forefront of shipbuilding technology, with new ship designs backed by premium-grade fastening solutions to make sure they are innovative and challenging enough to meet the needs of the relatively rough sea


Case Studies: Application

And there was a reason, too: those multiple shipbuilding projects across the globe utilized the high-strength, corrosion-resistant bolts that were used in those multiple shipbuilding projects around the world from Citizen Fasteners. For instance, our bolts are widely known to help the shipbuilding of the Ocean Voyager, a 'gal' that has gained name and fame for its service life in heavily demanding service. In its long service, the Ocean Voyager has encountered many cyclonic storms and rough sea conditions. Still, it has stayed afloat point-to-point, mainly because of the reliability of our high-strength bolts

Quality and Sustainability COMMITMENT

In Citizen Fasteners, the search for quality does not end in the factory; it aligns with our determination to practice sustainability in our production. This is also one way of making up a kind of antidote to the practice of sponsorship in production: everything being used, from the source of material to the process, does not in any way cause serious harm to the environment. Our bolts designed for corrosion resistance speak of this stewardship quality, but more important is that they talk of such stewardship of environmental matters about shipbuilding


Next time you watch a great ship working its way through the seas, remember for a moment what holds this ability to attain such greatness: bolts. At Citizen Fasteners, our high-strength, corrosion-resistant bolts represent a class far from ordinary metal pieces. Instead, these represent innovative advances in marine engineering to create safe and sustainable vessels. Whether it is a naval destroyer or a commercial cargo ship, our bolts will ensure that these colossi of the deep will survive any storm. Citizen Fasteners gives a shipbuilder a partner with a guarantee to stand up and produce the epitome of securement, ready to stand up to the rigors of modern-day seafaring

That is to say, the speakers highlighted that the good performance and longevity of ships require robust, reliable, and joining solutions, mainly our high-strength and corrosion-resistant bolts. Citizen Fasteners is always dedicated to pioneering the world shipbuilding frontier with innovative and reliable joinery solutions, securing every voyage of the vessel

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