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Our company, Citizen Metals Pvt. Ltd., is an industry leader in industrial products. We produce Washers and a wide variety of other industrial products at a very low cost. In order to meet the needs of each customer in the shortest amount of time, our factory employs a group of hard-working individuals. Constantly high-quality: Citizen Metals Pvt. Ltd. provides consistently high-quality products that conform to a standard specification for optimal fit. We have exerted a great deal of effort to ensure that every product we manufacture will perform admirably.

Citizen Metals Pvt Ltd makes the most high-quality washers of any company in India. We have a lot of washers in stock that are ready to ship and export. We take orders and fill them according to what the customer tells us they want. We are India's biggest maker of washers and bolts with larger diameters made of high-tensile and stainless steel. We also make fasteners for major contractors and consultants working on projects in India's power, renewable energy, wind, and railway sectors. We also know a lot about stainless steel bolts, nuts, and other fasteners. Citizen Metals Pvt Ltd is a top company that makes WASHER products, such as Spring washers, Machined washers, Square washers, and Dome washers.